Insurance Restoration  



At GSC we understand the insurance claim process front to back. Drawing off our experience in the insurance restoration industry we give our clients peace of mind after sustaining an insurance loss to their home or business. Property damage can be very disruptive to your life, understanding and respecting this is the first step in restoration. Making sure your insurance adjuster has a clear understanding of what is needed to restore your home or business is what we do.

After you experience a loss to your home or business there is a lot of work ahead. What sets GSC apart from other construction companies is the streamlined processes when dealing with insurance carriers. We work closely with local insurance adjusters on a daily basis and know the requirements of each carrier in our area. We submit the required documents, photos, along with a detailed estimate to your insurance carrier directly. By submitting our estimates correct the first time and in a format the insurance carrier can understand expedites the repair process and gets you back in your home or business quicker. Our goal is to make the inconvenience of an insurance loss as easy as possible for our clients.

When structural repairs are required we work closely with our engineers and local municipalities to ensure the permitting process is started just days after the loss occurs. Unlike a typical project we have our engineers begin right away. So while we are working with your insurance company to reach an agreed cost on a complete scope of work, the permit applications are being submitted. This is another part of our process that helps expedite your claim.

Having a professional firm who can work with your insurance carrier alleviates the additional stress that people often feel after experiencing a loss.